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Med-Express Guidelines for Utilization


  1. Med- Express will only be utilized for non-emergent transports.

  2. Transportation will only be provided for patients in wheel chairs, reclining wheel chairs, and ambulatory patients such as mental health patients. One family member may accompany patient if it is safe to do so.

  3. Patients will be transported under the following conditions:


  • Patients must be able to maintain their own airway if they are receiving self-administered low flow oxygen.

  • Patients receiving pain medications through self-controlled pumps or IVs may be transported as long as a qualified sending facility staff member accompanies the patient.

  • Up to two patients may be transported to the same destination at one time as long as person arranging the transport ensures facility staff is available at both ends of the transport to assist the Med-Express driver to ensure patients are not left unattended.

  • Patients cannot require suctioning.

  • Mental health patients can be transported but must be accompanied by an attendant by the sending facility or if Med-Express if able to provide an attendant in addition to the driver.


      4. Med-Express may refuse to transport patients under the following conditions:

  1. Severe weather conditions resulting in unsafe travel.

  2. Combative or physically / verbally assaultive patients.

  3. Patients exceeding the weight / size capabilities of wheelchair.

  4. Any patient the driver or sending facility feels is in a high-risk situation.


In these instances, every effort will be made by Med-Express to assist in coordinating alternative transportation.

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